FAQs / Information

1.     How far are you from the….

M/S Mount Washington Cruise?  A very quick 1 mile.

 Bank of NH (Meadowbrook) Concert Pavilion? 4 miles, we can get you there without hitting a stop light.

Bike Week? We are less than a mile to the drive-in and the start of the boardwalk area where the majority of the activity takes place.  Close enough, but not so close to be in the crowd or worry about the bike.

The NH Motor Speedway (NASCAR) in Loudon?  About 15 miles.

The Weirs Beach and boardwalk? Less than a mile.

The Drive-in or mini golf? Less than a mile.

Gunstock recreation area?  About 9 miles.

2.     Can I fish off the dock? Yes, people have had pretty good luck fishing off the dock.  Adults do require a NH license however.

3.     Can the kids use floats in the pool? They can, and you can as well as long as you are considerate of other guests.

4.     What is there for the kids to do? Enjoy the pool, swim in the lake, fish, play a game of pool, play other games in our recreation room.

5.     Can we cook in the rooms? Sorry no cooking in the rooms.  You are welcome to use our gas BBQ grill on the deck area as well as the microwave in the game room.  You do however have a refrigerator in every room.  Prohibiting cooking in the rooms allows us to keep our rooms cleaner and fresher for the enjoyment of all our guests.

6.     Are you on the Lake? Not directly, we are across the street from the lake but we do have two docks and a small beach across the street that you are welcome to enjoy.  If we were lakeside our rates would be much higher, so you can enjoy the lake without the higher rates.

7.     Do you have wedding or banquet facilities?  No we are not that large but we are a comfortable, reasonably priced place to put your out of town guests who may not enjoy paying the extreme prices at some of the places you may be having your function.  Stop by when you are in the area looking at reception halls and we’ll glad show you a few rooms so you know what your guests would be getting should you recommend us.

8.     Do you have an elevator? No elevator but we can provide a room at ground level with a view towards the lake.  If you or someone needs special consideration please let us know and we will do our best to work with you, or refer you to one of our friendly competitors who might be better able to serve you.

9.     Any discounts? We offer the same attractive rates to everyone.

10Can we bring the boat? We do not offer boat docking, but feel free to call us ahead, and we MAY be able to accommodate you.

11.  Do you provide linen and towels? We do, and maid service is between 9 a.m. and 12 noon daily.  We do not provide pool towels however.

12.  Breakfast?  Coffee is outside of the office every morning from 7:30 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. but no food is served.  There are breakfast places in the area and we’ll be glad to point you in the right direction.

13.  What is the cancellation policy? Aside from special events such as the NASCAR Races, Bike Week, major holidays and the Timberman weekend, or for large groups, our policy is:  If you cancel within 7 days of arrival we charge $25 per room, cancel within 24 hrs of the day of arrival, 1 p.m. the day prior and you will be charged the first day.

14.  Can I hold a room without a credit card? In fairness to us, no.  You need a valid credit card to hold the room.

15.  I’ve decided to shorten my stay – can I get a refund?  We do not do refunds.

16.  Why so many restrictions during Bike Week?  There really aren’t many additional restrictions we just want to be upfront about what we will and will not allow since Bike Week since it is an expensive week. Our guests are paying us, your guests are not.

17.   Why are you $5 more than so and so up the road? You usually get what you pay for, maybe it is the heated pool, the access to the lake, the availability of the Recreation room and grill area, the morning coffee or the fact that we tend the help better so you get a cleaner room.


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Customer Testimonials

A surprising treat

We were late trying to get a place to stay for Bike Week 2007. Weren’t expecting much of a place when we booked at Birch Knoll, being one of a few available at the time. Upon arrival we were so surprised to find this place to be very pleasing, close to Weirs beach, clean, with a beach across the street, heated outside pool, rec room, ice machine, pad for bike kick stand, Grills, benches all around decks, and great maid service. Had most all the comforts of home and the people were so friendly. While we were there we had already talked about staying there again soon. Told all our friends about this place. This is one of Laconia’s best kept secrets.

Got_2_see_it via tripadvisor.com